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The most exciting event of the moment is the NEST and SPEAK NEST peace festival september 11th-14th 2015 at the farm at the end of of Metropolitan Line.

Day/Week of Action 14th of September 2015
Please see more on the Facebook event;

September 11th-13th 2015

On the outskirts of London at the end of the Metropolitan Line!!!*

Followed by a day/week of Action for Peace from 14th of September 2015

Our beautiful new Peace Festival is to be held at  a special  Farm,t’s an amazing and peaceful retreat tucked away in the countryside … with a lake, and much greenery.. but still close to London and on the Metropolitan Tube line!- The farm has a 100-500 capacity ideal for our mini festival…. Full details about the venue will be sent along if you email and say you want to book for the donation only nest field


Symon Hill- radical peace activism and peace tax, (one of the DSEi 5)

Andrew Day ‘Deep Green’ and Radical Actions ‘NVDA’

Music SPEAKS DJs Looped Exodous, and Live Acts (more to be confirmed):

Dance and Acoustic !!

All Peaces of the Puzzle

Dance Acts Booked so Far

Jinadu check out his sounds and chill out here from ascension club

Djs Looped Exodus coming all the way from Holland music… now booked to play in the deep chill area… he is gonna chill us out and get us peaceful for sure!!!

Acoustic Acts Booked so Far

Long for the Cost amazing acoustic double act ..

Jinadu DJ

Food at the Festival:

People’s Vegan/Vegetarian Kitchen
A kitchen and food tent run by variously ethical SPEAK foodies

Squeak crèche tent area

Set up for young children and babies. We will do all we can to produce facilities but you will need to take care of their general needs and ensure they are accompanied at all times.


We have a diverse choice of workshops reflecting NESTS diverse values and passions hosted with different spaces known as pods, and this time some pods even have their own tent. From community gardening, seeding change, to lobbying MPs, grow your own campaign, lifestyle inspiration, arts and music, special artivist programme, and comedic actions.

Peace Gardening

We are looking at seeding peace with plotting for peace sharing ideas and plots with other partners… come and sow some ideas in the extended family peace garden.

Prices- For a full weekend of workshops and speakers:

The NEST field is being done as donation only arrangement so just talk to the people on the front desk, say you are coming as part of the nest field and they will let you come in for whatever donation large small or free you can afford.

PLEASE BRING * TENT* SLEEPING BAG* ROLL MAT* WARM CLOTHES.. there is a very limited number of indoor places available but these are being reserved for speakers and people with special needs, please get in touch if you may need an indoor sleeping place so we can fathom out if we can help or as a suggested starting point just google B&Bs in area.


If this link doesnt work try locating the event on main speak page-

What will you help with?

The NEST Festival is a community-run event. We can’t afford to pay staff to wait on us hand and foot. The best way to make friends is chat while putting up a tent, a yurt or chopping some delicious veg in the peoples kitchen. We really need your input so pretty please let us know what you can help with on the form (will be added soon)! You can come for a reduced rate or free if you agree it with us in advance if you help with any of the following:

o Setting up Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th
o Welcome Team
o People’s Vegan Kitchen
o Stewarding
o Driving and/ or loading vans
o Hosting a pod area
o Hosting a venue/tent
o Following up afterwards
o Technical PA
o Squeak crèche

Other Skills to Offer

Let us know if there if you want to skills share or add support to the camp in another way! We need all the help we can get on this one!!! Email us or add info into the form (Form will be added soon!)

NB this is a mini-festival camp rather than a full blown festival so it’s about asking what essential elements of our collective creative DNA should be in the seed event of future SPEAK gatherings/ festivals.

Amplifiers- Peace Festival Ticket Discount

If you think your friends have something to learn from SPEAK, or something to give, then this network peace camp is your chance to sow seeds … That’s what its all about..

Get £10 off your ticket for everyone person you bring when they book in advance… Just get them to put your name in the amplifier box on the booking form and you will get a refund according to how many people buy tickets in advance as a result of your diligent share-ability!… Which means you only need to bring 5 friends to pretty much come for free! Obviously less if you’re an early bird! You will need to bring a copy of the names of people you have referred who have bought tickets to the farm and we will try to process there- or aim to get the refund back to you within 2 weeks after the event!

Bus in to Bust Out- time to gather your local peace crew.

Its time amplifiers to gather in your peace crew to bus people in in order to bust the arms traders out..

In 2004 SPEAK NEST did an action outside the Defence Export Services Organisation, 2 years later this department was closed by politicians.  This was a the last time we did a bus-in for a Day of Action. We need to ramp up the action for peace.. and bus people in to bust the arms traders out!

Its time go beyond the clickivisim of a few radical pics Facebook shares or a few online petitions to get physical bodies in the way of the murderous arms trade!!

DSEI DAY/ Week OF ACTION September 14th


Stop The Arms Fair is a UK-based coalition of groups and individuals who joined forces in January 2011 to put an end to DSEi and all UK arms fairs
SPEAK Network did prayer and actions against drones in September 2011, and in September 2013 members of the SPEAK affinity group did an action covered by The Guardian and acknowledged by a former archbishop. Now it’s time to unite in prayer and action once more…

General Information

DSEi is one of the biggest arms fairs in the world. For one week every two years, in East London, 1400 arms companies display their weapons to buyers from around the world, including authoritarian regimes and countries with serious human rights problems.The UK government helps to organise this arms fair, invites these repressive regimes, and helps arms companies to make deals, at taxpayer expense.This has to stop, and together we can stop it.

DSEi is planning to return in September 2015 and we want to peacefully protest to raise awareness of its existence and to work to stop it. Join us as we target the arms fair, its organisers and the exhibitors that make a profit from killing and repression.

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