Nextworks is the dreaming and scheming for the Nest. It involves projects and plans we have been dreaming on and scheming about in our various networks and communities. What we are reflecting on doing for the future of nest projects. Below are described one or two projects that are in the ‘incubator’ of what we would like to see happen.

If you are part of a network that the nest supporters please go the description of the project and write your comment below it of what you would consider to making it happen and taking the project form nextworks to nestworks. This was you are actively participating by devoting your time and energy to the nest project your helping it make it a reality by your actions, not just opinions- now that’s real participation!

NEST- Skill Share Hubs

The nest is interested in partnering with a number of eco-villages throughout the world globally who are modelling sustainability green economics and permaculture in a positive way. Groups that are active in social justice, transition and sustainable economics. We are interested in co-hosting skill share hubs with these spaces as a place where Networks that the Nest Supports through out the world can come and learn skills in the following areas:

1/ Organising campaigns

2/ setting up local groups

3/ Permaculture

4/ Setting up networks

5/ Spirituality and transition

6/ Lessons in the building of self build housing cob houses and geodesic  domes and many other wonderful structures.

An idea for hub house that could support the be spoke communities of various kinds. Hubs and Spokes

Hub House 20121228_094110

The idea is that the eco village we partner with can use the space to host skill shares for a certain proportion of the year and on agreed weekends or weeks NEST can host skill shares for their networks and have a limited or agreed number of people come to stay.

In this we are also partnering with the SPEAK alternative university. We have exploratory conversations with a group called Mount of Oaks an eco-village in Portugal about this and welcome discussions with other groups!

What we would need to make this in general or the first skill share hub happen

  • 6-8k for wood or sources of wood locally recommended by Eco village
  • 8-12 volunteers willing to build a wood hut for 4 weeks our preference is either October or April each year, (whilst also getting a training course how to build structures).
  • Programme and skill share hosts to help plan workshops
  • Eco villages wanting to partner with us.
  • If you are a skilled builder or can already build eco homes or self building willing to build our first structure with us and teach others how

If you can contribute any of the above please comment or message.

We put descriptions of our projects and dreams up ( some shared privately), with a list of what it would take to make them happen. We then leave it up to volunteers in the networks we are part of to come to the projects and comment on the projects according to what they are prepared to do to make them happen. to De- Vote themselves to action, and in participating by doing, the person drafting the funding applications will use this as a guide in supporting and serving the networks, applying for funds for projects with most DeVotion!

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