Be Spoke

Be SPOKE Communities

Be spoke communities are artivist sanctuaries and local groups, all with different names, but connected in the Be Spoke Network that NEST supports. The different Be Spoke groups come together through virtual and actual gatherings to share information, skill share and support and encourage each other. The Nest provides support for them to thrive and survive they are very local in nature and also tend to be inspired by principles of local sustainable transition, and as artists and activists the artist way.

Be SPOKE groups are all technically independent and autonomous from the NEST (in the way SPEAK groups are) .. BUT the NEST partners with them, ( as do other groups) in providing support where charitable aims cross.

Be Spoke Group


The Hola-away road Be spoke group are meeting regularly in various cafes down holloway road. Holloway road covers a large number of boroughs camden, islington and connects a few North Londoners.. There is also a strong animal sanctuary to this with A Nonny Mouse and donkey. They are also looking at supporting locals with rent strikes and support each other in their artistic challenges and aiming to share and pool resources because surviving in Babylondon is no MEAN feat!! There is also a breakfast club attached touring all cheap greasy spoon cafes in the area. They have a good relationship with their local MP and are in regular communication with other local groups that share values.. the group has also been known to host movement and physical theatre angel sessions in Islington arts factory and take their actions outside places like BP.

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